What are the benefits of Peepal tree ,Sacred fig or Ficus religiosa ? || Powerful Uses Of Peepal Tree For Health And Beauty.

The Peepal tree is also known as sacred fig which is known for its dense shade and fresh life and is also worshiped. But do you know that the Peepal tree also gives you health benefits?

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 What are the benefits of Peepal  tree or Ficus religiosa ? || Powerful Uses Of Peepal Tree For Health And Beauty.

Know these 13 health benefits of Peepal -

1.Shortness of breath - 

Peepal tree can be very beneficial for you in any type of breathing problem. For this, remove the inner part of peepal tree bark and dry it. All the problems related to breathing are cured by eating powder of this dried part. Apart from this, drinking its leaves boiled in milk is also beneficial in asthma.

2.For teeth - 

Brushing with pipal wood  makes teeth strong, and the problem of toothache ends. Apart from this, using fine powder made by grinding 10 grams bark of peepal bark, and 2 grams of black pepper, also eliminates all the problems of teeth.

3.Effect of venom -

 If a physician is not present on time, when the bite of a poisonous animal is made, when the juice of the peepal leaf is given in a little while, the effect of the venom starts to decrease.

4.Skin diseases -

 Eating soft leaves of peepal or making a decoction of it is beneficial in skin problems such as ringworm, itching, itching. Apart from this, applying peepal bark on the problem of boils and pimples is beneficial.

5.In case of wound -

 If a wound occurs in any part of the body, applying warm paste of peepal leaves helps to dry the wound. Apart from this, using this paste daily and applying peepal bark, wounds heal quickly and do not cause burning sensation.

6.Colds -

 Peepal is also beneficial in cold and cold. Drying the leaves of peepal in the shade and making a decoction of it with sugar candy is beneficial. This helps in the recovery of colds quickly.

7.For the skin - 

Peel bark paste or its leaves can also be used to improve skin color. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing the wrinkles of the skin. Soaking fresh root of Peepal and applying it on the skin reduces wrinkles.

8.Reduce stress -

 Peeple is rich in antioxidants, chewing its soft leaves regularly reduces stress, and reduces the effect of aging.

9.Hemorrhage - 

In case of bleeding from the nose, breaking the fresh leaves of peepal and extracting the juice from it is very beneficial. Apart from this, by smelling its leaves, sniffing also provides relief.

10.Broken heels -

 peepal will help you a lot in the problem of tearing of heels. Applying milk of peepal leaves on the cracked ankles cures the torn ankles and softens the palate within a few days.

11.Jaundice - 

After jaundice, drinking sugar syrup made by mixing sugar candy in the juice of 3-4 new leaves of peepal is very beneficial. Giving it twice a day for 3-5 days is beneficial.

12. Stuttering - 

The powder made by drying ripe fruits of peepal, consumed with honey, removes the problem of stammering and improves speech.

13.Gas or constipation - 

Peepal leaves are used as a medicine for constipation or gas problem. It is also considered a bile destroyer, so its use is beneficial in stomach problems. Taking juice of its fresh leaves and drinking a teaspoon in the morning and evening eliminates problems with bile.

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