Which is best health insurance policy in India 2020? || Best health insurance company in india as per claim settlement.

Taking health insurance and knowing properly, there is the same difference between the two, which is in a good driver or less good driver, which means that the driver of the vehicle is anyone, you are sitting comfortably in the car. You will know the good or bad of the driver when there is a problem in the moving vehicle.
best family floater health insurance plans in india      , Which is best health insurance policy in India 2020? || Best health insurance company in india as per claim settlement.
 Which is best health insurance policy in India 2020? || Best health insurance company in india as per claim settlement.
At present, most of the health insurance policies are cashless, that means the insurance company pays all the expenses from recruitment to leave, if you get treatment in the hospitals prescribed by the company, otherwise you will get money from you. You can take that claim later on spending. TPA most important role in cashless treatment ; Plays third party administrator.Many insurance companies TPA Through the claim, some companies have their own T.P.A. Happens, companies that have their own TPA. It is, they are called stand alone health insurance company. Such as Max Bupa, Star Health, Religare, Apollo Munich, HDFC Ergo, Signa T.T.K. All companies other than these companies have some TPA. Are concerned with,If you take insurance from these 6 companies, then you will have to face minimum problems while taking the claim, the above 6 companies issue a claim within 30 minutes to 12 hours.

These companies provide us with tension free facilities, but Religare, Signa T.T.K. In the room rent and zone wise, ie in different cities, some percentage of the expenditure has been imposed. Therefore, usually the insured does not get the full cost of treatment. That is why while taking their plan. Let's understand the clauses.

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which health insurance is the best ? ||  Best health insurance in india?

1. Star Health, Max Bupa, Apollo, HDFC Ergo Company is a renowned company in the country and it has a single private room in any hospital without any pay  Can be taken.

2. These 6 companies increase their benefit insurance money to their customers in case of non-claim, which can be from 10 to 50 percent, but if the claim is taken in the same proportion, then this increased insurance money is also reduced next year. Also, at the same time, the special feature in Max Bupa is that it increases the insurance coverage by 20 percent every year, but even in case of a claim, the increased insurance money is not reduced, which means that if you have 10 lakhs in Max Bupa If the policy is taken then it will be 20 lakh in the next 5 years at the same premium.

3. Religare, Max Bupa, HDFC Free health checkups are given every year, while Signa TTK, Star Health, Apollo, carries free health checkups once in 3 to 4 years.

4. O.P.D. The doctor's fees are paid to the insured in these 6 companies for 1 to 3 months before being admitted as a benefit and for 2 to 6 months of discharge.

5. Max Bupa, Apollo Munich and HDFC Ergo in 3 years and Star, Religare and Cigna T.T.K. In 4 years all the diseases are covered before taking the policy.

6. In the event of termination of insurance money, Max Bupa, Star Health, Apollo Munich gives the insurance money equal to the sum assured even after the claim is made again, ie even if the insurance money is 10 lakh, you can claim up to 20 lakh in a year. However, this feature is very useful when there are large claims.

7. In case of claim, Max Bupa issues the claim in just 30 minutes and the other 5 companies also approve the claim within 2 to 12 hours.

8. Max Bupa, Star Health, Cigna TTK, Apollo Munich, HDFC, Religare can be placed in increasing order by decreasing premium.

Lastly, all these companies are good but according to me Max Bupa offers premium, facilities, instant claim and unconditional policy protection to the policy holder, followed by Star Health and other companies. But while taking insurance, keep in mind that which city in the city you are from, which hospitals in that city are cashless under which insurance company.

"Honestly is the best policy"

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