What are some interesting facts about 'Bear Grylls' coming on Discovery Channel?

Intresting fact Bear grylls running wild.

If you know the Discovery Channel, then you must also know Bear Grylls.  Not by name, but by seeing the photo, more than 1 billion people can recognize this person.  Let us know, 20 such brave interesting facts of Bear Grylls which prove him to be superhuman.

1. Bear's Grylls real name is "Edward Michael Grylls", which was given by his sister in childhood.

2. Bear Grylls UK TV series "Man vs wild" 2006.  Became famous because of "wild".

3. "Man vs wild" The original name of the Wild series was“ Born Survivor: Bear Grylls ”.

4. By the age of 4, Bear Grylls was raised in Northern Ireland.

5. Bear grylls have won the black belt in karate.

6. Bear Grylls believes in Christianity and has great faith in God.

 7. Bear Grylls, after completion of school, wanted to join the Indian Army.

8. Bear Grylls has three children.

9. Bear has served in the British Special Air Service (21 SAS) for three years.

10. In 1998, when he was only 23 years old, he made the Guinness World Record to climb the peak of Mount Everest, even after breaking the  cord from 3rd place.

11. A year before climbing Mount Everest, while jumping from a height, his parachute got pierced and he fell on his back.  Due to which his spinal cord was broken from three places.

12. Bear grylls have gone to many places where no human has visited them before.

13. Bear Grylls likes to play guitar and piano at their home.

14. Bear Grylls received degrees in Hispanic studies from London universities in 2002.

15. Bear Grylls has created a world record for dinner under a hot-air balloon at an altitude of 7,600m.

16. Last year, his book of biographies received the most votes for the influential book in China.

17. Do you know… Bear Grylls loves his family so much that while going on shooting, he takes his family photos in shoes.

18. Bear grylls eat stomach worm medicine after going home after the show.

19. Bear Grylls, have started drinking their urine and eating the heart of dead animals.

20. Bear Grylls has eaten raw testicles of goat the dirtiest thing till date.

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