How does Apple rob its customers from the iPhone?

Robbing can be a tough word, but yes their business methods are such that common people have to spend a lot of money on their products and services. Let's see how cleverly Apple defrauds its customers.

 How does Apple rob its customers from the iPhone?

Higher-than-normal price: It is obvious that Apple's iphone is very expensive and beyond the reach of consumers of normal income. Most of the iPhones sold in India are more than those in the US or other western countries. One is the bill of material, in which it is worth every small and big component to make any tissue which together makes that product.Apple's Bill of Materials has always been about a third. Just like the iPhone Xs Max is priced at $ 1249, its Bill of Materials is only $ 443. [1] However, the Bill of Materials does not know the real price because it does not iinclude other expenses such as labor charges, transport expenses, etc. Nevertheless Apple's Iphone makes very good profits.

Apple not only robs customers, but retailers are in a similar situation. Apple also does not give this profit to retailers. Apple used to give 6.5% profit to retailers but now it has been reduced to 4.5%. If the customer makes a payment through a credit or debit card, then the profit is even less, around 1.5 - 2%.

*Fast Charger not provided in the box:

How does Apple rob its customers from the iPhone?

All the Apple iphone phones that have come in the market after iphone 8 support fast charging but Apple does not give fast charger in the box even after selling such expensive product. If you want, you have to buy them separately. The company that sells a phone worth 1 lakh rupees, can't it give 1000 rupees in the charger box? Nowadays even in cheap Android phones, you get a fast charger in the box. This way the company makes more profit by selling the accessory device.

*USB Dongle

 How does Apple rob its customers from the iPhone?

Apple first removed the 3.5 mm audio jack from its phone. When people condemned this, the statement came from Apple that we would be able to make more room for the battery. But these were all misleading excuses. The Lenovo phone that I use had a 5100mah battery. They fitted everything in the same size. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a 4000 mah battery and they have not said goodbye to the audio jack so far.

Instead dongle was given to you. Even everything was fine. Then last year it stopped giving that dongle in iPhone Xs and Xs Max.The price of this audio dongle is $ 9 approximately 700 rupees. It became Apple's best-selling product for the past 2 years. The reason is that such a small thing is lost and you will buy it again and again.

Apple always talks about seamless connectivity but keeps you stuck in the dongle web.The phone has a Lightning port and cable while USB should have TYPE C. But no standard USB A will be available on their new laptop or Lightning port. Here you get the USB Type C port. If you want to install a hard drive then you have to buy a dongle again, which costs 6500 rupees.

I understand that people who buy Apple products are not ordinary people, but such immoral policy does not suit a 1 trillion dollar company (now reduced).

*Repair rights:
Getting Apple's iphone repaired is very expensive. Apple's servicing is just as expensive as its products. If the rear glass cover of the iPhone Xs is broken, it will take about $ 600 to replace the 42,000 rupees. The phone is designed in such a way that it does not have much scope for repair.

To deal with this problem, many such repair centers have come up in the US, which repair the phone at a cost. Apple prosecuted these stores and tried to close them.

 How does Apple rob its customers from the iPhone?

Refuse to give them spare parts. Then when they did not talk to everyone, they were harassed differently. Apple is probably the company that uses the Pantaloob screw instead of the quad lobe. Apple benefits from this.
Most repair shops do not have an A screw driver.

There are many other ways that Apple robs its customers from the iPhone.

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