How to Become a Hacker? || How to become a ethical hacker?

How to become a  hacker?,How to become a ethical hacker?

How to become a  hacker?,How to become a ethical hacker?

Before that, we try to know some basic information,

Friends, always remember that a hacker is not just someone who steals information, does wrong.

I am saying this because hacker also has many categories and out of that, today I am going to tell you 2 categories.

1. White hat Hacker - Cyber ​​security good work.

2. Black hat Hacker - The evil-doer means to harm someone.

  Who is the hacker?

 How to Become a Hacker? || How to become a ethical hacker?

Any clever programmer can be called a hacker. In the computer security world, a hacker is one who discovers a weakness in a computer system or computer network and suggests a solution.

*To become a beginner hacker, there are some basic knowledge that you must have:

1.Computer Foundamental -
What is a computer? How does it work Learn about the operating system. You can take computer fundamental online test to check your knowledge.

2. Computer Programming Fundamental - Learn how to program, create programs, this is the basic skill of hackers. All hackers are required to have knowledge of computer programming, such as HTML, C, Java ETC.

3. Networking Fundamentals -
Learn what TCP / IP is in the beginning, try to know basic information about how the network works.

4. Internet Knowledge -
 Learn about internet, how internet works i.e. how browser sends and receives data over internet to become internet hacker.

5. HTML Fundamental -
Learn how to write web pages to learn about internet pages and it helps you become an internet hacker. You can take the HTML online test to test your skills.

After having all this knowledge, try to learn deeply in other step programming languages ​​such as HTML, Python, Java etc.

Now you complete the first step properly, and then go to the second step.

*** Friends, if you are from IT - Computer FILED then it is easy to become a good and bad hacker, but if you are not from IT - Computer FILED, then you have to work very hard for this. ***

Hardwork is the Success - secret key!

So always be restrained, keep doing your work and contribute for the country.

Visit this to know other methods of Hacking.



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