Why don't passenger airplanes have parachutes for passengers?

Why don't passenger airplanes have parachutes for passengers?

As you all know, passenger airplanes are very large airplanes and come in commercial flights which have become the main modes of transport. Nowadays most of the people like to travel in airplanes to save their time, but do you know that there is no parachute in your airplane, if your plane is crashing or if there is a problem then you can fly in the air. Can not get out of the ship. So let's know why parachutes in airplanes are not for passengers.


We have often seen that pilots of fighter jets come out of their seats during the emergency and a parachute is attached to their seat so that they can comfortably land on it but not in a commercial airplane Happen.

This is the main reason for no parachute in passenger airplanes

1) The passenger airplane is flying at an altitude of several thousand feet from where it is not possible to use the parachute.


2) Not everyone knows how to fly a parachute, so it is not possible that even if a parachute happens, everyone can come safely to the ground.

3) It is also possible that due to so many parachutes, the weight of the airplane increases.

4) If you also think about jumping from an airplane, then keep in mind that you can get into the engine of the airplane because it is pulling the air at high speed and it is possible as soon as you jump. That you will pull in the engine of the airplane and go inside and you will die.

5) Airplanes are flying at a very high speed, and if you jumped from an airplane flying at such a high speed, you can jump on its wing and hit it and  you could be die.

6) And the airplanes which are for  paragliding have different type of doors and their speed is also much less than commercial airplanes.

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