What is a satellite phone? Why is it so expensive?

Satellite phones, also known as setphones, are different than our phones. Because they receive signals from satellites (satellites) rather than landlines or cellular towers'.


 What is a satellite phone? Why is it so expensive?

Their special thing is that they can call from any place. These prove useful everywhere even if you are in Sahara Desert. It is also said that they are able to receive signals easily even under water.

Satellite phones are just a bit slow (compared to our mobile phones), which means that we can face some hiccups during the conversation. Because the signal sent by them takes longer to reach the satellite and return from there, although this shortage is very negligible.

This would prove to be very helpful to us during most disasters when our systems have deteriorated to a great extent.

         Can we buy satellite phone… 

Special laws have been made to buy satellite phones in India, not only in India, there are different laws for this. Three companies offer Iridium, Globalstar and Tharaya Satphone. Of these, Iridium has services all over the world, Globalstar 80 per cent and Tharaya services in India, other parts of Asia, Africa, West Asia and Europe.
In clear letters it can be said that directly we cannot buy satellite phones. For that, we have to contract. And its price is determined according to the network coverage area.

 What is a satellite phone? Why is it so expensive?

Its calling costs Rs 20 to 25 per minute. And recently BSNL started the service of satellite phones in 2017, according to which they also claimed to sell 4,000 handsets in various departments. According to the claim 10,000 setphones were expected to be sold by March 2019.

        Reason to be expensive…
Satellite is used for networks in these phones, which is a very expensive process. I think this is the only reason that makes it so expensive.

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