Why do most people quit their call center jobs in 1-2 months?

 Why do most people quit their call center jobs in 1-2 months?

Hy Friends I  will tell in this post why more than half of the people leave the call center job. In the post below, we have given some reason why people leave the call center job.

*When the world is sleeping then the call center people are awake and when the world is awake then these people are sleeping. 

* There is no solid guarantee for the future because it does not require any special skills. Must have knowledge of some languages. For example, English should come for a job in an international call center and the rest of the call centers, which are called domestic call centers, should be there in Hindi or some other Indian language, that's all!

* In the call center you have to call or talk to the customer through either of these two ways. Often such customers will be found talking to whom your sent will be fryed and sometimes you will get such people who will not stop even by abusing them. The worst side of all this is that you cannot say anything to that customer and you have to listen to silent chap to save your job, otherwise the job is gone. This way you will feel that your self-respect has died somewhere.

* It is true that salary is good in the call center and glamor is also seen in full, but salary is not good everywhere. International call centers pay more than domestic. Young boys and girls, AC train for commuting, two days holiday, good food in the office and parties are all found here, which attracts new boys and girls.

5 It comes in down market jobs, where the salary is getting less and more work is done because the future is not so safe. Companies that employ call centers are now outsourcing their work to countries like China and the Philippines, due to cheaper labour there than in India.

Yes, there are some of them who do these things to collect money for their studies or business.

Apart from this, there are many young people who do not get jobs in the field that they have studied, then they join the call center so that their expenses can run.

So that's why I would say everything is not negative at all. It is true that this job has all the problems that I mentioned above, but still the job is a job and which job does not have problems. I am telling all these things from my experience, there was a time when I too worked here to raise some money.


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